Through our years in video production we have learned that videos will not connect without stories. Our goal as a video production company is to provide a service that leaves a lasting impact and connects on a deep human level. It’s through our hardest times that we cultivate the most inspiring stories, filmmaking is our avenue to share your truth to the world.

We focus on colour science

Good footage without colour-correction always falls short. Our main focus in finding the perfect colours for your video to give them a unique look, rather than copying trends.

We love dreams.
That's why we build them.

Dream Drop Studio
Video Production in Melbourne

Storytelling in and that of itself is the most powerful tool for any video.

A Melbourne video production company offering videos that create emotion. Our goal is not only to build an amazing video, but one that has the ability to be rewatched countless times.

A heartwarming story behind the brand of CookSafe.

A true depicition of the 
struggles of truck drivers.

An enviromental company
born from a traumatic expierence.


If a picture is worth a thousand words than a video is worth a million. Whether it be a brand advertisement, marketing video, or an introduction to your business, using video as your tool will be the best way to communicate your vision. Our driving passion is seeing our clients be taken back by the story they were able to create by collaborating with Dream Drop Studio.

Through the art of storytelling and creative filmmaking your brand and image will be seen by the right people.

“To make a shot feel
cinematic it’s what you take
away from reality rather than
what you add.”

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